Ebony Rose is originally from a rural Australian upbringing. After living in many countries and having visited over 50, Ebony, freshly 24 is residing in England. Multi-instrumentalist, Ebony has been songwriting and performing Pop/ Rock music for as long as she has been alive. Bringing the atmosphere of the dirt roads and the endless sprawling beaches right to you in the heart of the city… Ebony is currently on a string of upbeat and lively performance dates.

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A vibrant and creative person, Ebony was drawn to music at a young age, eagerly listening to a vast array of genres and learning how to play instruments one after the other. As an early teen, “There was a collective family decision to sell the go-kart to purchase a drum kit” and Ebony began self-taught in drums after already having professionally mastered the guitar, piano, synth, bassoon and flute to name a few.

Music has forever been the basis of Ebony’s being. Ballet recitals at 2, Piano exams not long after. By high school, Ebony was touring the world as a musician in bands. When she was home she was tirelessly gigging at every pub and club she could. She accumulated over 5000 gigs under her belt by age 18.

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In 2009 Ebony was signed to do a single with a local record label. Gigging throughout high school multiple nights a week, Ebony was putting in the hard yards to grow and develop as a young musician. During these early years Ebony featured in the dance cast for Vogue Runway Fashion Show and as a piano player for Nickelodeon Network Ten on the TV show Lightning Point.

Renowned for quality performances, Ebony had the opportunity to showcase in front of Three Australian Prime Ministers, The Governor General,and many Mayors. Former Accompanist and Second Soprano of Australia’s distinguished Cantabile Choir, Ebony helped smash the World Choral Olympics winning multiple Gold and Silver Olympic Medals for Australia, also participating in the television show Battle of the choirs – hosted by sunrise television presenter Kochi.

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With over 5000 gigs, across more than 50 countries, under her belt, Ebony has spent the past number of years touring on cruise ships around the world, and performing in five-star resorts in Europe, spending two years between lively music hubs in Ibiza and Turkey. During those years, the quirky, down-to-earth country girl has been evolving her sound, mastering her craft and vigorously writing new music. Her sound has transformed from acoustic folk, to exploring electro beats and eventually soft pop rock music.

Whilst distinguishing herself as an independent musician, Ebony has performed at numerous events that have featured some of Australia’s best and most prominent individuals in the entertainment industry, including The Collective, Troy Cassar Daley, The Veronicas, Nathanial, Stan Walker, Casey Barnes, Jennifer Hawkins, Beau Ryan and internationally celebrated entertainers Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Ebony has also shared the stage with iconic multi-instrumental Australian jazz musician James Morrison in a beautiful musical duo and performed to over 30,000 people as pre-match entertainment for the QLD Cowboys vs Roosters NRL game in Australia.

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In 2016, Ebony Rose released her self-titled debut EP and was in 2018 selected to be mentored by Los Angeles based music publisher, author and speaker Judy Stakee (former VP of Warner Chappell), who has signed and developed artists including Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, Gavin DeGraw, Joy Williams and John Shanks. The unique opportunity saw Ebony move to New York and partake in a series of artist development retreats. Ebony wound up involved in manhattan jam sessions in rooms filled with Grammy award nominated artists and producers, fuelling her undying passion and desire to harness her craft and make music.


Over the past few years, Ebony Rose has evolved quickly and is on the brink of breaking through a myriad of doors as she enters the next stage of her career as a singer-songwriter and is gearing up to release new music and live shows.

Ebony’s gigs are intimate and powerful, giving everything she has on the stage and delivering her songs with a genuine vulnerability that makes her work appealingly relatable. Each show is personalised and takes audiences on a journey, inviting them to surrender and sink into the sounds of a mixture of pop and rock music, perfect for a Sunday afternoon session with family and friends. Each set features a loop pedal, guitar, piano and vocals, accompanied by thoughtful lyrics. Ebony’s latest gig at Fingal saw over 100 locals gather in the small venue and pack the seats to enjoy the Sunday afternoon sun whilst listening to originals written that past week.