UNCOOL - OFFICIAL ARTWORK. New Single Release 17/01/18. Spotify & I-tunes. Woohoo! I did it! Best feeling. First Single of 2018 OFFICIALLY joins my discography. Release Date: January 17, 2018 Stores: Itunes and Spotify Songwriter: Ebony Rose Producer: Ebony Rose Genre: Singer/ Songwriter Label: Independent


I know... I go on and on and on about it. It really is a dream come true though. I've decided to quit my job and head to NEW YORK CITY!!!! who does that????? Anyway, not much of a blog post. More just a "I remember to update and write a post for my website, … Continue reading OFF TO NYC

Shattered but happy as one can be

  I absolutely well and truly cannot wait to get to sleep tonight. I have such a big weekend ahead. But more importantly… I have achieved so much this week. I’m finally on my way to mastering sprinting. I’ve alway been a long distance runner, but this week we started circuit training and I’m getting … Continue reading Shattered but happy as one can be

It’s not that hard

  Its not that hard. Life in general. It’s perhaps one of the most easiet things to do. Thrive and survive. Of course if you’re not striving, you’re not thriving, and if you’re not thriving are you really surviving? They say that when you find a passion, to make it an obsession and then use … Continue reading It’s not that hard

Keep it fresh

I’m really not the best at blogging. Perhaps that why I do it. I love to learn how to get better at things. This week already I’ve learnt new scales on the guitar, I’ve learnt how to do pentatonic vocal runs and I’ve successfully learnt preserving techniques for vocals. Next week I’m moving on to … Continue reading Keep it fresh

Whatever is in the heart must come out.

Whatever is in the heart must come out. Just some random words that struck me today that I thought be worth sharing. Today three of us muzo’s off the ship walked the 8km to and from town. It was sunny in England and a beautiful day. We didn’t walk into town for any other purpose … Continue reading Whatever is in the heart must come out.

Album Announcement

Hi Everyone! Todays blog is another update. I’m not very good at blogging, but I like to keep you all updated. We are currently still in the planning stages for New York. WHICH IS HECTIC! But I’ve got a quick little announcement to do as well. I’ve got a new album coming out! What! When! … Continue reading Album Announcement

Journal entry

Busy busy busy. Currently organising New York. I didn't realise just how much i needed to prepare for this trip. When events and meetings come your way when people hear you are coming to New York it starts to get quite daunting. It's quite scary, but to go ahead with it nonetheless is something I'm … Continue reading Journal entry

Journal Entry; New Beginnings

New beginnings. First wk back in the UK was fab! I start a new European contract tomorrow. Still writing songs in preparation for New York (8 wks away) . You can listen free on Spotify xx  

Why I’ve started with original videos

I don't really know why everybody always sings cover songs on youtube or on the internet. I kind of just did it because thats what everybody else was doing. Was it what I wanted to do? No, not really.   I've always wanted to write my own songs. I don't really have the same connection … Continue reading Why I’ve started with original videos