UNCOOL - OFFICIAL ARTWORK. New Single Release 17/01/18. Spotify & I-tunes. Woohoo! I did it! Best feeling. First Single of 2018 OFFICIALLY joins my discography. Release Date: January 17, 2018 Stores: Itunes and Spotify Songwriter: Ebony Rose Producer: Ebony Rose Genre: Singer/ Songwriter Label: Independent

UNCOOL is on spotify x

Being happy never goes out of style ♥️ one of my NY resolutions was to get better at style. Not just makeup and clothes, but the way I hold myself. Really think before I act. I think that as a whole it’s something that I’d like to improve in 2018. PS, you can now STREAM … Continue reading UNCOOL is on spotify x

48 hours/ Surgery/ News on Single #2

Ok, so I have to stop checking my facebook. Each time I check it, the notification button is lighting up and my phone is freezing. I've had 1000 notifications in the past 5 minutes since I last checked it. I wanted my project to generate a following because I did it for the people, but … Continue reading 48 hours/ Surgery/ News on Single #2

Music Video

Hi Everyone, I'm currently spending every waking hour of every day editing my music video which comes out in 2 days. Hence, I would write a much longer post usually, but work duties call.   Love Eb

NEW Merchandise added

2018 is my most creative year yet. I'm so incredibly excited to share everything with you. I've fully immersed myself into creating new music and I've passionately developed and nurtured little projects to go along with each single off my new album. Today marks a SPECIAL day for me because I sent out the VERY … Continue reading NEW Merchandise added

Album Artwork Portfolio

The artwork for the upcoming Album has been divided into segments. The first segment goes with the first single off of the album, and here are the photographs for it so far. There are 3 left to go, and I'll pop them on the end of this post as they come out ( if I … Continue reading Album Artwork Portfolio

Updated journal entry

So I haven't written on my website in what feels like a while. But if you're counting in calendar day its only been like two. If you're counting in instagram posts, its been 9 and if you're counting in events that have happen - its been like 50 thousand!! Let me catch you up to … Continue reading Updated journal entry

Journal Entry

So today I wanted to write an actual blog. Well... you know something a bit more personal. More like a journal entry as opposed to jut promo promo promo. So today's journal entry, Thursday the 11th of January 2018. I am 23 years old and I am a happy musician living a happy life full … Continue reading Journal Entry