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My first true love is songwriting. Below is my sound cloud account.

On my sound cloud account you will find three different things.

  1. My most recent body of work (Full Album) “Daffodil”
  2. A Project (EP) I completed in High School. Tracks include: Kansas, Paris, Summer Love, Live & Uncut.
  3. A project I am currently working on which is a song a day “Snippets of Songs”.


This album is what I class as “chill/ coastal”.

I wrote this album whilst working in Ibiza in 2016. It took me a week and a bit to write the basics of the songs. My favourite is a track called “Barely”. Everyone I’ve spoken to has chosen “88” or “you” as their favs. But mine is defs “Barely”.

Here’s a sentence about each song:

Daffodil: when we were younger Chels (sister) and I used to be called Daffodils x

Come dance with me: A song I listen to on a Sunday arvo whilst having a barbie staring at the ocean.

Before it’s over: My lil party song 🎈

Do just what we like: about being bought up in an environment where the world was our oyster

L’Imperatrice: I always wear a different perfume every country I go to and whilst in Ibiza I wore Dolce & Gabanas LImperatrice

Summer Love: I actually wrote this in high school and I just love it

Barely: 😍😍 my fav song

88: I originally wrote these lyrics for a friend who needed lyrics for a track – but now I’ve adjusted them and done them up myself

Left Right: let’s just say I’m indecisive

Tell someone who cares: a polite song about telling someone to F* Off. It’s a fun song.

You: haha love this song – everyone writes a song about a past boyfriend right?

6am: another song I wrote in high school and later adapted

Goodnight New York: dedicated to Susan Gouchee, a conductor and mentor who passed away in 2012

Between Us: my first song ever recorded.



All Tracks: