Ebony Rose is an Australian Performer/Songwriter of soft pop rock music.

Over 5000 gigs and no longer counting. Personal favourites: Townsville Smiles Stadium Cowboys vs Roosters NRL, Robina CBus Stadium for all Titans NRL games of 2015. Music has forever been the basis of Ebony’s being. Ballet recitals at 2, Piano exams not long after. By high school, Ebony was touring the world as a musician in bands and show choirs.

In 2009 Ebony was signed to do a single with local record label. Gigging throughout high school multiple nights a week, Ebony was putting in the hard yards to grow and develop as a young musician. During these early years Ebony featured in the dance cast for Vogue Runway Fashion Show and as a piano player for Nickelodeon Network Ten on the TV show Lightning Point.

Ebony ventured to singing on cruise ships in 2014. In 2016 she then ventured over to Ibiza Spain performing 6 nights a week and in 2017, ventured to Turkey for a year performing 6 nights a week and also releasing her debut album. She has now performed in over 40 countries.

Whilst distinguishing herself as an independent musician, Ebony performed at numerous events that have featured some of Australia’s best and most prominent individuals in the entertainment industry. Amongst the list have been, The Collective, The Veronicas, Troy Cassar Daley, Nathaniel, Jen Hawkins, David Campbell, Phil Emmanuel, Giuliana and Bill Rancic, Stan Walker, Beau Ryan, David Bridie, Prinnie Stevens, Casey Barnes, Contestants on the Block and James Reyne, Australian Crawl.

Most recently Ebony left her contracts to pursue songwriting in America, having won songwriting awards in both Australia and America, Ebony was hooked up with Judy Stakee Senior vice President of Warner Chappel music for over 35 years, to help Ebony develop as a songwriter and artist.