Searching for a certain song

I’m up to 75 songs written this last month and I still haven’t found just what I’m looking for. They say when you know you know. So far… I don’t know… so I’m assuming I haven’t found the song I’m looking for yet.

But I shall keep you posted nonetheless. Perhaps I’ll put them on Spotify and see if you like any of them. I’ve been jet setting around America so I’m thinking perhaps I need to go back home to my roots in Australia and search there for the Music I’m looking for.

Anyway I’ve no doubt it will come.

Good luck to everyone on their search in life, whatever it may be for.

Love eb

Keep it fresh

I’m really not the best at blogging. Perhaps that why I do it. I love to learn how to get better at things. This week already I’ve learnt new scales on the guitar, I’ve learnt how to do pentatonic vocal runs and I’ve successfully learnt preserving techniques for vocals. Next week I’m moving on to the study of Jazz Piano and perhaps I will finish learning the more complicated original version of Clair De Lune by Debussy. I really would like to set a goal to practise piano more. I’ve been going to the gym everyday. But only practising piano every second day. I think piano rehearsals need to be stepped up a bit. I do believe it is such a positive thing to be setting goals for oneself. Not unrealistic goals of course. But I was talking with some girls today about how setting goals is really great because you could be doing an activity everyday and not progressing because you have no goals. For instance we play music everyday.. but without goals we don’t technique- wise progress any further unless we have specific goals. Because we are simply gigging night after night with no change to the songs. Anyway, its nice to keep it fresh. Todays slogan. Keep it fresh folks x

Journal Entry; New Beginnings

New beginnings.

First wk back in the UK was fab! I start a new European contract tomorrow. Still writing songs in preparation for New York (8 wks away) . You can listen free on Spotify xx


Why I’ve started with original videos

I don’t really know why everybody always sings cover songs on youtube or on the internet. I kind of just did it because thats what everybody else was doing. Was it what I wanted to do? No, not really.


I’ve always wanted to write my own songs. I don’t really have the same connection with songs that other people have written. I mean sure, they’re fantastic songs, but there just not specifically about that point in your life are they? Nope.

So I’ve begun posting original videos to my facebook page and I’ve started on a catalogue of songs that I’m writing as a project. 450 songs in 45 days. I mean, to be fair I am almost finished, but its been a wild ride trying to piece them all together you know.

Anyway, the snow is finally melting here in Britain and its time to move onward and upward, to Europe on Monday. Wish me luck. Its becoming quite the thrill of a journey this year.


Love Eb


Leading up to New York

So now I’ve hit the phase which I would like to call “Leading Up to New York”. I’ve got planned out what I would like to undertake for the next five years. First stop of course, New York!

Well it’s not actually my first stop, I’ll be back and forth between England, Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium and Iceland before I actually get to New York City. It’s less than two months away and I’m starting to get everything prepared. All my transport, accomodation and work schedule is booked. It’s just the whole wrapping my head around it and deciding on what it is that I want to get out of it. Thats the bit thats confusing. I’m kind of just jumping. I mean everything is planned, but I never thought I’d reach this point in my life where I get to go to New York for my profession. I’m also looking at going back to university…. in New York… as its the only place in the world that offers the particular degree I’m after. I’m all about continued learning. You can never learn too much I don’t think. So yeah; New York is scary. In two months I’ll be facing a big challenge and pivotal point in my life.

Like I said anyway… this is the phase I’d like to label “Leading Up to New York”. I’m currently in England freezing my butt off. & for your enjoyment ( well laughter at my expense ) here are some pictures of me freezing in the UK xxx

Over & Out!

See y’all in New York real soon!


OMG! A lot has happened since I last blogged

Ok! I haven’t posted in a while, but a lot has happened.

I’ve been to 10 countries in the last 3 months!!

(New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Belgium, Netherlands, UK)

I’m going to start with my trip to Australia. This occured in December. I posted on and off in that time, so no need to recap I guess.

Secondly I travelled to New Zealand. I have not much to write about it, but here are the photos !!!!

Thirdly, I’m now in Europe! I went via Qatar. In the last 3 months I have been to 10 countries. OMG!! Who does that. I think I’m insane. Anyway…. So my blogging will be more regular again now. I’ll be back to blogging most days. Here are a few photos of me in the snow! My first time in the snow.



Oh and I almost forgot! Today my new single hits stores. So here is a photo of the single. I’m currently swamped with to do lists for my New York expedition this May, so I haven’t really had a lot of time to market it. But I’ve never been great at marketing anyway. I’m more of the creative type as opposed to the business type! whatever type I am… I ramble. So here is the photo of the new single:





Tomorrow my head will be together in the one place and I will begin blogging properly again. So much is happening in life and I’m struggling to keep up so Adios! Until tomorrow. x


I’m Going to New York for songwriting.


This week has been so so so incredibly busy and I’m completely and utterly exhausted yet so in love with life. So another quick journal entry to let you know I’m headed to New York! I got accepted to go for songwriting which is a dream come true and I never thought in my wildest dreams it would happen. So, I will keep you updated with my facebook page and instagram page as I don’t have proper internet this week ( working at sea ) but I do have social media! So you can stay up to date with my travels and career progress via my social media.


Lots of Love



Don’t have much time or internet, but just a quick journal entry to let y’all know how BEAUTIFUL Tasmania is xxxx

Love Eb

Kangaroo Island

On kangaroo island today and we failed to see any kangaroos. I think they may’ve been hiding because of all the tourists. Perhaps they were celebrating Australia Day by having a snooze.

Anyhow, this place I think is the third biggest island of Australia and it’s also the only place I believe where you can sit at the pub and look at Australia mainland. How cool is that? Despite this, I did not venture into the pub because it was so early in the morning when I explored the island.

I think today I will head to the gym and get stuck into my to do list.

Have a great Australia Day Everybody!


Before the sun rises I’m on a plane off to another world, another adventure. I leave my loved ones behind which never gets any easier. The easiest way to say goodbye is to not say it and just pretend like it isn’t happening. Just get on the plane and don’t look back. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t tell myself not to think about it. Don’t think about it eb, just live in the moment, for the moment, be the moment, remember this moment. Airports make me feel empty because I always leave some part of myself in each place. I leave memories and laughter in each place and they will forever be separated and that’s the way life must be.

Reminder for me – write my next song about this feeling……

Reminder for you – I have all my music on Spotify under ‘Ebony Rose’ for you to stream absolutely free….