Journal entry

Busy busy busy. Currently organising New York. I didn't realise just how much i needed to prepare for this trip. When events and meetings come your way when people hear you are coming to New York it starts to get quite daunting. It's quite scary, but to go ahead with it nonetheless is something I'm … Continue reading Journal entry

Journal Entry; New Beginnings

New beginnings. First wk back in the UK was fab! I start a new European contract tomorrow. Still writing songs in preparation for New York (8 wks away) . You can listen free on Spotify xx  

Why I’ve started with original videos

I don't really know why everybody always sings cover songs on youtube or on the internet. I kind of just did it because thats what everybody else was doing. Was it what I wanted to do? No, not really.   I've always wanted to write my own songs. I don't really have the same connection … Continue reading Why I’ve started with original videos

The difficulties in registering songs.

Possibly the only thing that takes longer than writing the 450 songs in the first place... is registering them all with the Australian Music Body APRA. Filling out all the registration paperwork and getting Work IDs, ISRCs for each song. It's quite possibly more time consuming than writing the song in the first place. Now … Continue reading The difficulties in registering songs.

Leading up to New York

So now I've hit the phase which I would like to call "Leading Up to New York". I've got planned out what I would like to undertake for the next five years. First stop of course, New York! Well it's not actually my first stop, I'll be back and forth between England, Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium … Continue reading Leading up to New York

OMG! A lot has happened since I last blogged

Ok! I haven't posted in a while, but a lot has happened. I've been to 10 countries in the last 3 months!! (New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Belgium, Netherlands, UK) I'm going to start with my trip to Australia. This occured in December. I posted on and off in that time, … Continue reading OMG! A lot has happened since I last blogged

I’m Going to New York for songwriting.

Again, This week has been so so so incredibly busy and I'm completely and utterly exhausted yet so in love with life. So another quick journal entry to let you know I'm headed to New York! I got accepted to go for songwriting which is a dream come true and I never thought in my … Continue reading I’m Going to New York for songwriting.


Performing is perhaps a craft that wasn't originally cut out for me but I've persisted for so long that it's now forced to be a craft that listens to what I have to contribute. Here are a few shots from my evening.

Kangaroo Island

On kangaroo island today and we failed to see any kangaroos. I think they may've been hiding because of all the tourists. Perhaps they were celebrating Australia Day by having a snooze. Anyhow, this place I think is the third biggest island of Australia and it's also the only place I believe where you can … Continue reading Kangaroo Island