Searching for a certain song

I’m up to 75 songs written this last month and I still haven’t found just what I’m looking for. They say when you know you know. So far… I don’t know… so I’m assuming I haven’t found the song I’m looking for yet.

But I shall keep you posted nonetheless. Perhaps I’ll put them on Spotify and see if you like any of them. I’ve been jet setting around America so I’m thinking perhaps I need to go back home to my roots in Australia and search there for the Music I’m looking for.

Anyway I’ve no doubt it will come.

Good luck to everyone on their search in life, whatever it may be for.

Love eb

Goodnight New York

Conveniently, I have a song titled Goodnight New York.

This week, I said Goodbye to New York for a month and jet set off to Honolulu Hawaii. I touched down and immediately felt the cool breeze creep through my tangled airplane hair. It was as if a storm was coming, but there was not a cloud in the sky and the storm never came. It was a perfectly juxtaposed atmosphere to the hustle and bustle of NYC.


See you in a months time NYC.


Love eb

New York City

I don’t need to be in New York City

New York is incredible and its amazing. This week however, I’ve decided it’s not somewhere I’m going to permanently live. Two weeks ago, I was nervous as all hell because I thought this was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Turns out, moving to New York wasn’t scary at all. It’s just perhaps exactly what I needed in hindsight. I needed to live here amidst the hustle bustle and grind to realise that I already have it all. I don’t need to be in New York City.

Co-writing like crazy.

I’ve been co-writing like crazy. Its only once you write with others – you realise what you were missing. Chemistry. You can’t have chemistry with yourself… but with others – its the missing piece, the energy that drives the song if you will. Its crazy how much more exciting it is writing with others.

Whats Next?

So on my travels this past week,  I got posed the question “what’s next?” I’ve had time to ponder over the thought of whats next and I’ve realised commitment is whats next for me. I’m committing to being an originals songwriter and performer. I didn’t think I wanted to keep performing. But last night I performed in NYC and it was incredible. When you perform outside of a work environment, you basically get a liberating feeling of just WOW WOW WOW. THIS is what its supposed to feel like. So I’m going to keep writing songs and keep performing them for anyone willing to listen.


Anyway… I got to dash. To be continued!!


A week in the forest

This week has been absolutely massive. I have been living in a forest with some of the worlds coolest songwriters; creating pure magic. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It has brought to my senses so much more than I could ever have dreamt. I now know what I am going to be doing with my life. I am so grateful to have had this experience.



NYC blog 3

I mean… today I woke up to rain. So you could say I haven’t had the best of luck. But I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I was so annoyed yesterday that I missed my bus and then I realised that one of my goals was to shift a bit of weight – so perhaps having to walk across town really was working in my favour. Another thing that happened was I had to wait and hour for an appointment. I was angry for a minute until I realised that by people watching I could learn a great deal about myself. I realised whilst sitting in; i think it was upper east side near the MET; I realised that one day I want to one day be able to afford a better lifestyle. I want to smell nice, look nice and go for expensive pasta without worrying each night if it will break the bank later down the track. I just want to experience that once in my life. Maybe if I’m lucky I will get to help others experience that same thing too. Now for those of you familiar with Australian brands.. I’m not talking about something like Fasta Pasta… I’m talking about where the man in the restaurant is cooking each string of pasta solely for you. Like he is such a professional chef that it is artistry. Like a point where you can pay extra for a service you believe deserves a greater price. Like buy a beautiful painting that took someone hours to finish – and pay that person appropriately for it. Anyway… I best get on with todays mound of paperwork. Over and out! – Eb

NYC blog two

So today I’ve discovered there’s a lot of commuting in NYC. I think my best bet is to listen to podcasts on the commute. There’s no internet so I can’t be overly productive as we are underground and sometimes standing room only. Nonetheless I think podcasts will do just the trick. I’m currently typing this blog whilst on the subway. Trying not to fall over. I mean, so far New York has been great. It’s not expensive grocery wise – but transport wise and cellular wise… perhaps it indeed is approaching the pricey side. Anyway – big day ahead. Need to punch some goals out of the park. (You can just picture that sentence in a thick New York accent) “cmon you need to punch some goals out of the park Larry”. Who is Larry? I don’t know, I made him up haha. I think the name would put emphasis on the New York accent. Anyway – over and out. Love eb

NYC Blog One

So after 8 hours at the airport, 8 hours on the plane and 4 hours in transit. I made it to New York from London. Now I’m only planning on having a short stay here before I move on to Nashville. But let me first just tell you how much I dreamed of this moment as a little kid. I plan to commute back and forth between Australia and America every three months until I develop my songwriting to a level I’m happy with. Bye for now – I’m off to say hello to Times Square.


I know… I go on and on and on about it. It really is a dream come true though.

I’ve decided to quit my job and head to NEW YORK CITY!!!! who does that?????

Anyway, not much of a blog post. More just a “I remember to update and write a post for my website, but I have nothing to write about while I wait for my hair to dry.”

Oh my,

I pray my next blog post has substance.

For your sake…



Love Eb

Shattered but happy as one can be


I absolutely well and truly cannot wait to get to sleep tonight. I have such a big weekend ahead. But more importantly… I have achieved so much this week. I’m finally on my way to mastering sprinting. I’ve alway been a long distance runner, but this week we started circuit training and I’m getting so much better at sprints. I’ve mastered new vocal techniques, new guitar techniques, new piano techniques, new public speaking techniques, new choreography routines, new camera functions, DAW tricks. You name it, I’ve looked over it this week. I’ve also made up my mind to find a second hand saxophone and learn saxophone. But I am literally falling asleep on my feet at work tonight. I still have 7 hours left at work and then I’ve got to go to this gym session we have. Then it will be sleepy sleep sleep time for 6.5 hours before I have to wake up in the morning for our weekly boat drill. I better stop typing and start snoring.


It’s not that hard


Its not that hard. Life in general. It’s perhaps one of the most easiet things to do. Thrive and survive. Of course if you’re not striving, you’re not thriving, and if you’re not thriving are you really surviving? They say that when you find a passion, to make it an obsession and then use that obsession to serve people. I have recently become so obsessed with music beyond a level I dreamt impossible. Every second of my day is spent playing music or thinking about playing music. Absolutely nothing else runs through my brain. Its music music music. I’ve never been this in love with something before. I really do think that life will just “click” for you when you find your true calling. Until that day happens, enjoy your mid week coffee. Ahhhh coffee… Alhough I’ve recently started drinking it without milk or sugar. Am I crazy?