If you’re reading this then you are most likely looking for more information about me. To save you the boredom of a typical bio, I have attached my resume link: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ebonyrosemusic

I wouldn’t be an artist if I didn’t have a little fun and create something though…
So here I’ve created a little “about me” section especially for you.(eye roll… well not especially for you)

Hi, yes I’m Ebony Rose, yes that is my real name; my last name, yes that’s Rose. Yeah I know it’s cool name, yes I know I’m not Ebony in colour, if I act surprised and shocked would that be weird? I’ve had this conversation about a thousand times before you asked me just now. But I’m gonna pretend you’re the first person to ever bring this up. Yes I know what comes up on the first page google… Yes my parents named me, who else would have? Do I like my name? Umm….SHUT! UP!

This is how meet and greets usually begin. Although thats not how they typically end.. I don’t usually tell people to shut up outside of my own head. If I do, you know I havent had enough coffee that day. Which brings me to another topic…. Coffee.
I never used to drink coffee until I started in this industry properly. Singing at nightclubs, on cruises, in resorts… you talk to a lot of drunk happy people and you get a lot of hecklers and let me tell you right now that avoiding a mental breakdown IS NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT COFFEE! Another topic… mental breakdown…..

I have come close… and let me elaborate on a few incidents which you may find highly funny… but I was at my wits end. I’m going to number them so that its organised (I’ve OCD).

1. Somebody set fire to my piano. Yes you heard right! They were doing the typical dirty dancing lift with a flaming zambucca and dropped it. Nice right? Lesson #1, make sure you and your company have the appropriate insurance. Worst bit about this story is I had to keep on performing. Urghhhh!!!! Give me a break. I’m pretty sure if the whole venue was on fire I would still have to sing. But smart ass me chose the next songs wisely. I sang “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash, “I’m on fire” by Bruce Springsteen, and “I set fire to the rain” by Adele, which I appropriately changed to ”I set fire to the piano”. It was the worst night ever. Correction… number 2 was the worst night ever.

2. Number two. I was casually playing piano on board a ship which held an audience of predominantly over 80 year olds on this particular evening. Everyone was sitting and listening to me play an old Frank Sinatra tune which had been requested by someone. As it was an older song, I had my iPad out for the lyrics so I didn’t mess it up and next minute, I got an airdrop notification. I ignored it as I was playing, but it kept coming, and you’ll be surprised as all hell. Some old man in the audience was attempting to airdrop me nude pictures of himself. Security was great, and I kept on singing. But there are just some things you cannot unseen. Lesson #2, always make sure your airdrop is turned off no matter what.

3. Number three. now this one happens frequently and it really annoys the hell out of me. Halfway through a song ( and this has happened many many times ) , half way through a song, a piano string will snap and fly out into the audience. There really needs to be a disclaimer that items may be fired without warning into the audience. I really wish it had hit the heckler that evening, but it landed safely on the dance floor and everyone was uninjured. So that one happens a lot and boy is it frustrating because then I can’t play certain keys.

Anyway…. I guess as usually I am rambling. What I kind of wanted to tell you was that its not an easy job. I’ve sung to dementia patients who keep asking me every five seconds what am I doing, I’ve sung to children who want me to sing “Frozen” on repeat for an entire evening, I’ve sung to adults who want me to … no I’m kidding they don’t want frozen… they do however request piano man ten times a night which is frustrating, not only because I have to play it ten times, but because its a good 6 or 7 minutes long. Same with bohemian rhapsody and american pie. Like give it a break!!!! I try to theme my sets each evening, and sometimes the theme is “Over requested songs”… and that is the only time I enjoy playing those songs.

Anyway… my job is the best job in the world, but man it is full of trying times. So I trained hard at dance and music and everything else… but the thing that has been hardest for me to learn is dealing with people. I tell people if they don’t like my show to go to bed or go home, just stop heckling and get lost. It shuts them up pretty quick when they realise I don’t care if they stay or not. Most musicians get really upset if they have guests leave. I love it because it makes room for those who want to be there. Most nights this month (december 2017) it has been standing room only, so its great if people leave because its like musical chairs and you see everybody make a beeline for that one couch and try to fit ten people on it. Its great.

Anyway…. for the last paragraph, I just wanted to say… if you’ve been to a show thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for sitting through my rubbish rambling and I hope you like the new creative project I am distributing online in 2018. Its an album accompanied by artwork and videos, and its made with a whole lot of love. I’ve enjoyed chatting with all of you after every show. I hope I can continue to provide you with enjoyable art for eternity.

Much Love