My name is Ebony Rose and the first thing people ask me is, “is that your real name?” & yes, yes it is. I’m quite new to blogging as you can probably tell by the dates on my blogs, but it’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do. I’ve travelled for the most part of my life and all this time I’ve been thinking – what if I could share this experience with others?

If we are talking about what I do for work outside of blogging, i am and have been a full time musician since the beginning. I get paid to perform and travel around the world. It’s fun, it’s tiring and it has its days, but for the most part Music is something I love. I have many accolades and I could boast about achievements but they don’t really mean too much to me. I prefer to boast about a piece of work I’ve created or a new song I’ve written. For me, I’m most proud of things I’ve achieved as an artist, not as a name and number and rank.

Anyway, here are some more interesting things about me rather than boring work talk. I like the outdoors, I like sport, but equally I like the couch and watching my fav tv shows. I like being around heaps of friends and new people, equally I like being alone. I enjoy learning new languages, immersing in new cultures and just as equally I like laying in my own bed at home in Australia doing a whole lot of nothing. I like eating ice cream and meat pies but equally I like watching what I eat and not eating meat. I love animals but equally don’t come near me if you’re a stray animal and you smell. I love the city and could picture myself living in New York but equally I love the country and could picture myself living on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

So now you know me. Well surface anyway. To many I seem lost, insecure and like I can’t make up my mind. To others, I am full of adventure, I’m secure enough to not need security and my mind is open.


What ever your goals in life.

I hope you achieve them.

Love Eb💘