New York City

I don’t need to be in New York City

New York is incredible and its amazing. This week however, I’ve decided it’s not somewhere I’m going to permanently live. Two weeks ago, I was nervous as all hell because I thought this was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Turns out, moving to New York wasn’t scary at all. It’s just perhaps exactly what I needed in hindsight. I needed to live here amidst the hustle bustle and grind to realise that I already have it all. I don’t need to be in New York City.

Co-writing like crazy.

I’ve been co-writing like crazy. Its only once you write with others – you realise what you were missing. Chemistry. You can’t have chemistry with yourself… but with others – its the missing piece, the energy that drives the song if you will. Its crazy how much more exciting it is writing with others.

Whats Next?

So on my travels this past week,  I got posed the question “what’s next?” I’ve had time to ponder over the thought of whats next and I’ve realised commitment is whats next for me. I’m committing to being an originals songwriter and performer. I didn’t think I wanted to keep performing. But last night I performed in NYC and it was incredible. When you perform outside of a work environment, you basically get a liberating feeling of just WOW WOW WOW. THIS is what its supposed to feel like. So I’m going to keep writing songs and keep performing them for anyone willing to listen.


Anyway… I got to dash. To be continued!!


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