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I mean… today I woke up to rain. So you could say I haven’t had the best of luck. But I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I was so annoyed yesterday that I missed my bus and then I realised that one of my goals was to shift a bit of weight – so perhaps having to walk across town really was working in my favour. Another thing that happened was I had to wait and hour for an appointment. I was angry for a minute until I realised that by people watching I could learn a great deal about myself. I realised whilst sitting in; i think it was upper east side near the MET; I realised that one day I want to one day be able to afford a better lifestyle. I want to smell nice, look nice and go for expensive pasta without worrying each night if it will break the bank later down the track. I just want to experience that once in my life. Maybe if I’m lucky I will get to help others experience that same thing too. Now for those of you familiar with Australian brands.. I’m not talking about something like Fasta Pasta… I’m talking about where the man in the restaurant is cooking each string of pasta solely for you. Like he is such a professional chef that it is artistry. Like a point where you can pay extra for a service you believe deserves a greater price. Like buy a beautiful painting that took someone hours to finish – and pay that person appropriately for it. Anyway… I best get on with todays mound of paperwork. Over and out! – Eb

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