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So today I’ve discovered there’s a lot of commuting in NYC. I think my best bet is to listen to podcasts on the commute. There’s no internet so I can’t be overly productive as we are underground and sometimes standing room only. Nonetheless I think podcasts will do just the trick. I’m currently typing this blog whilst on the subway. Trying not to fall over. I mean, so far New York has been great. It’s not expensive grocery wise – but transport wise and cellular wise… perhaps it indeed is approaching the pricey side. Anyway – big day ahead. Need to punch some goals out of the park. (You can just picture that sentence in a thick New York accent) “cmon you need to punch some goals out of the park Larry”. Who is Larry? I don’t know, I made him up haha. I think the name would put emphasis on the New York accent. Anyway – over and out. Love eb

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