Shattered but happy as one can be


I absolutely well and truly cannot wait to get to sleep tonight. I have such a big weekend ahead. But more importantly… I have achieved so much this week. I’m finally on my way to mastering sprinting. I’ve alway been a long distance runner, but this week we started circuit training and I’m getting so much better at sprints. I’ve mastered new vocal techniques, new guitar techniques, new piano techniques, new public speaking techniques, new choreography routines, new camera functions, DAW tricks. You name it, I’ve looked over it this week. I’ve also made up my mind to find a second hand saxophone and learn saxophone. But I am literally falling asleep on my feet at work tonight. I still have 7 hours left at work and then I’ve got to go to this gym session we have. Then it will be sleepy sleep sleep time for 6.5 hours before I have to wake up in the morning for our weekly boat drill. I better stop typing and start snoring.


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