It’s not that hard


Its not that hard. Life in general. It’s perhaps one of the most easiet things to do. Thrive and survive. Of course if you’re not striving, you’re not thriving, and if you’re not thriving are you really surviving? They say that when you find a passion, to make it an obsession and then use that obsession to serve people. I have recently become so obsessed with music beyond a level I dreamt impossible. Every second of my day is spent playing music or thinking about playing music. Absolutely nothing else runs through my brain. Its music music music. I’ve never been this in love with something before. I really do think that life will just “click” for you when you find your true calling. Until that day happens, enjoy your mid week coffee. Ahhhh coffee… Alhough I’ve recently started drinking it without milk or sugar. Am I crazy?


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  1. Going Stateside means Coffee Americano ( black no sugar ) good coffee good taste cheap coffee YUk

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