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I’m really not the best at blogging. Perhaps that why I do it. I love to learn how to get better at things. This week already I’ve learnt new scales on the guitar, I’ve learnt how to do pentatonic vocal runs and I’ve successfully learnt preserving techniques for vocals. Next week I’m moving on to the study of Jazz Piano and perhaps I will finish learning the more complicated original version of Clair De Lune by Debussy. I really would like to set a goal to practise piano more. I’ve been going to the gym everyday. But only practising piano every second day. I think piano rehearsals need to be stepped up a bit. I do believe it is such a positive thing to be setting goals for oneself. Not unrealistic goals of course. But I was talking with some girls today about how setting goals is really great because you could be doing an activity everyday and not progressing because you have no goals. For instance we play music everyday.. but without goals we don’t technique- wise progress any further unless we have specific goals. Because we are simply gigging night after night with no change to the songs. Anyway, its nice to keep it fresh. Todays slogan. Keep it fresh folks x

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