Whatever is in the heart must come out.

Whatever is in the heart must come out. Just some random words that struck me today that I thought be worth sharing. Today three of us muzo’s off the ship walked the 8km to and from town. It was sunny in England and a beautiful day. We didn’t walk into town for any other purpose than to walk in to town. But it was perhaps full off the most refreshing communication I’ve had in a week or two. Realy great day. We walked along the beach, well to be fair if you can call it a beach. It was an “English Beach”. Just to clarify. I think exercise is good for the mind and soul. The heart needs to always feel young. Sometimes when you play music, you feel old, ancient and weary. Exercise can help fuel your heart a litle with strength to hold all those emotions that music lets flow out. Whatever is in the heart must come out.

Anyway, here are todays instagram pictures. @ebonyrosemusic xx

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 4.14.56 PM.png

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