Why I’ve started with original videos

I don’t really know why everybody always sings cover songs on youtube or on the internet. I kind of just did it because thats what everybody else was doing. Was it what I wanted to do? No, not really.


I’ve always wanted to write my own songs. I don’t really have the same connection with songs that other people have written. I mean sure, they’re fantastic songs, but there just not specifically about that point in your life are they? Nope.

So I’ve begun posting original videos to my facebook page and I’ve started on a catalogue of songs that I’m writing as a project. 450 songs in 45 days. I mean, to be fair I am almost finished, but its been a wild ride trying to piece them all together you know.

Anyway, the snow is finally melting here in Britain and its time to move onward and upward, to Europe on Monday. Wish me luck. Its becoming quite the thrill of a journey this year.


Love Eb


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