Leading up to New York

So now I’ve hit the phase which I would like to call “Leading Up to New York”. I’ve got planned out what I would like to undertake for the next five years. First stop of course, New York!

Well it’s not actually my first stop, I’ll be back and forth between England, Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium and Iceland before I actually get to New York City. It’s less than two months away and I’m starting to get everything prepared. All my transport, accomodation and work schedule is booked. It’s just the whole wrapping my head around it and deciding on what it is that I want to get out of it. Thats the bit thats confusing. I’m kind of just jumping. I mean everything is planned, but I never thought I’d reach this point in my life where I get to go to New York for my profession. I’m also looking at going back to university…. in New York… as its the only place in the world that offers the particular degree I’m after. I’m all about continued learning. You can never learn too much I don’t think. So yeah; New York is scary. In two months I’ll be facing a big challenge and pivotal point in my life.

Like I said anyway… this is the phase I’d like to label “Leading Up to New York”. I’m currently in England freezing my butt off. & for your enjoyment ( well laughter at my expense ) here are some pictures of me freezing in the UK xxx

Over & Out!

See y’all in New York real soon!


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