48 hours/ Surgery/ News on Single #2

Ok, so I have to stop checking my facebook. Each time I check it, the notification button is lighting up and my phone is freezing. I’ve had 1000 notifications in the past 5 minutes since I last checked it. I wanted my project to generate a following because I did it for the people, but this is just crazy.


Hi friends, THANK YOU for all the LOVE on my latest single! It’s now on iTunes& Spotify. (Few issues with Spotify that I’m chasing up tho) Links are on my website. I’m In hospital today and tomorrow, but I’m so glad that so many of you liked the video. It’s been less than 48 hours and already over 1000 of you have given it a thumbs up. Thank you! Unfortunately I can’t physically smile because the surgery is in my mouth hahaha – besides that…. You’re all absolutely amazing. You make me smile on the inside. Single #2 comes out Feb 28. Get prepared!! ♥️😘 love eb



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