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So today I wanted to write an actual blog. Well… you know something a bit more personal. More like a journal entry as opposed to jut promo promo promo. So today’s journal entry, Thursday the 11th of January 2018. I am 23 years old and I am a happy musician living a happy life full of creative joy.

This year especially has been extra great, even though its only been a few days since the new year officially arrived, it has been going really well. Time is flying quickly, yet I am getting so much done. For the first time in my life I am actually using a diary to keep track of what needs to be done and it really is working wonders. It’s not that I’ve never owned a diary, I have, I just could never master how to use one. Now days I write only in pencil because I’ve learnt to accept that my mind changes too quickly to bother with pen.

I’ve been building content that I love, creating works that I really enjoy and had a lot of fun creating, and most of all, I am content with my progress. I’ve learnt a whole lot of patience and inner peace and I do feel that 2018 will be a massive year. Potentially not on the surface, but below the surface, away from the public eye, I will achieve things I set out to do.

I’m happy that I’ve got a store on my website, I’ve got a blog, I’ve got a great instagram and facebook community and I’m slowly learning the rungs of twitter still ( however many years late). All in all I am really enjoying life. I go to the gym each and every morning, think about what I want to achieve for the day and then I have a coffee and do it. On that note – how have I only discovered the true benefits of coffee at 23. Why did it take me 23 years. I could’ve been here  a lot quicker if it were for coffee. Thats a current regret – not discovering coffee sooner in life!

I have no actual regrets – but I do joke about superficial ones. Lets be honest, don’t take yourself too seriously because life is WAY WAY WAY too short. Anyway, like most things I get bored easily, and I’m getting bored of typing away here… so lets leave todays journal entry at that. Have a wonderful weekend up ahead. I’ll see you on the flip side of it! xx

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