VIP Section Open,

So my VIP section to my website is up and running!

Woohoo! Currently it is a free download available each month.

I’m working on getting gift packs organised for those in the VIP section.

We shall see x



Up early because of our lil puppy 😭🐶😴 Anyone else have this problem? Anyhoo… It’s my Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the dog, which is the year I was born 🐶 let’s make this year count!!! Seven days till my new music hits online stores 🙏🏻♥️

Eighteen of you messaged me over night. Im replying steadily… let me have some coffee first! Plus about 50 Instagram comments to reply to. Love all your energy!!! Keep messaging me! 2018 is our year! Make it happen. #MergingFromPerformerToSongwriter #2018#AmongstOtherGoals #WishThisCatWasASongwritingAward 🤣



Good Night Everybody (AEST) 👻
When you wake up, it will be 7 days till my New Song ‘Uncool’ Comes Out x
I’ve already had five message this afternoon alone asking how to pre-order. Keep the messages coming and I’ll keep the music coming 😘💋

p.s msg me to find out about the new VIP section on my website. The first 70 to message me will have complete access!

Sleep time 😴♥️



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