Good Afternoon,
I realise that many of you don’t really know why i was M.I.A on facebook this past year. I was off galavanting around the world, but mainly I was performing every night on board cruises and in high end resorts. I am ever so grateful to those who I worked for and worked with. I learnt so much about perfecting my craft and growing as a performer. I’m fully booked for the next few years (Woohoo!) , although I change my mind like the wind, so even though I’m booked in Europe, who actually knows where I will decide to go!

Anyway, cutting to the chase, here is my showreel from December 2017. I am going to aim to have a fresh one every few months, because at the rate I’m improving, i think its important to do so. Also, I’m going back to studying classical piano ( well…. we’ll see how far i get ) as I have realised the importance of the continuation of growth. Even though there is so much work for piano players, it’s important to try to be at the top of your game, and there really are so many talented guys out there that there really is no end to how much more I need to work to achieve half of their talent. For me, I struggle with sight reading, so it’s an area in which I am looking to improve. Also perhaps I’ll begin to learn the basics of Jazz. #goals#AsUnrealisticAsTheyMightBe#TrustMeOnThatOne

Let’s hope that 2018 is bigger and better. I’m certainly hoping to be a lot more focused and driven.
Happy Monday y’all. Give this week your very best shot!




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