The difference in the ocean

There’s nothing more peaceful than watching the ocean and smelling the salt in the air and feeling the cool wind whilst the sun is beating down upon your back. At least in Australia anyway…

Since I’ve been over here in Europe it’s been a completely different story. Then ocean is cold, the wind is cold and the weather is cold. The ships struggle against mother nature’s force and the rain beats down almost as if it’s trying to wash away any attempt anyone has of admiring the oceans beauty.

This week I’m excited to be heading home to Australia for the warm summer months & I think I may cry when we land & the suns shining. In fact just as certain as the sun will shine… I will cry tears of happiness.

Even though today in hull the sun shone it was still freezing and there was still unmelted hail residue on the pavement… that’s how cold it was. This is the mouth of the river/ to the ocean in hull. & yes that’s the bank… not water.

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