Going home for Christmas

I could never spend the winter (Christmas) in England. Everytime I look out the window of the ship it is raining. When I want to hop off the ship it is raining… I am stuck in this cabin. Today the cabin smells. Not of cabin but of a specific food they’re making on the ship and it’s the one food I can’t stand the smell of. I don’t even know what it is I just know I don’t like it. Well it’s a great day to start my diet.

I’m counting down the days till I go home. I’m so so so so excited. I’ve got one more day in Belgium then back to England for a bit then off to Australia. Oh the wait is killing me. Each night when I have to sing and play piano for the audience I sing as many songs as I can about going home… here’s an example list…

Country roads… take me home. – J.Denver

I wanna go home – M.Buble

Leaving on a Jet Plane – P.P& Mary

I still call Aus Home – P. Allen

So anyway… a few days and I’ll be home. I will kiss the ground when we touch down. No kidding.

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