Flashback Blogs

So this evenings project is to create some flashback blogs. I will be creating one of Turkey and on of Ibiza. The reason I’m classing them as projects is because I have to sort through thousands of photographs for each one. I don’t know how many photographs I will include. I might actually make a gallery for each.

What I’ve realised in making these short blogs is that travel is actually my passion and I’ve made so many lasting memories. I don’t know if I could ever go back to the places without reminiscing and shedding a little tear. I made so many friends who I will most likely never see ever again.

Anyway… sad stuff aside… I definitely enjoy blogging. I don’t feel like it is a task (most of the time) and it is really easy to fit in with my job. I’ve planned where I am going for the next couple of years and life is panning out to be great.

Anyway I’ve diverged down a rabbit hole. Tonight I am making flashback blogs. It is going to use a lot of internet to upload the galleries so I don’t know at what time tomorrow they will run live, but I do know that that is my aim to have them up by tomorrow.

Have a fab day xx



Below is one of the photos from turkey. I will also be including amazing video footage from whilst we were up in the balloons. & when I say amazing – we were surrounded by hundreds of hot air balloons as the sun rose.. so yeah it was incredible!




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