Europe & Retirement… daydreaming & oh I’ve got to go to work…

I’m sitting here watching Ellen and you know when you just get into a youtube spiral. Yep well thats me right now. Except… I was supposed to write a few blogs today… so surprise my blog is being written whilst watching Ellen haha. They have some weird things on this program. I absolutely love this show, but some of these guests are… um… interesting haha.

Currently the Kardashians are on. More specifically… I’m watching multiple videos with multiple Kardashians on. Nope.. change of plan… I’ve turned it off.
Time to actually write some blogs. I get so behind in my goals and so distracted sometimes. & I really don’t want to have a coffee because I really would just prefer a nap… but you know work is in two hours… so I don’t really have time.. and I’m supposed to wash my hair. This is legit what it is like living inside of my head. I toss up priorities on an minute by minute basis. Like,, yeah I could do this.. but I could also do this… and what if I did this… I just don’t have enough hours in the day. Hence why I can’t wait till I’m retired. Ok so thats what this blog is going to be about. I’ve digressed enough until I’ve found a suitable topic. Retirement.

I am legit already planning my retirement. No Joke. People laugh at me and make fun of me for planning so far ahead in advance. But I legit think its an important thing to plan for. I like to keep track of all my money ( not in a petty way) I like to keep track of it roughly and then be able to plan accordingly. Mainly because I like to travel so I like to set goals or ideas of where I want to travel to next and you know.. I have to make sure financially I set a budget because lets face it… I don’t want to spend all my money on a trip… I’d still like the majority of my money to be put away for when I need it. Yes I know! People will get in a right fury and disagree with me and say live now while you’re young you might not get tomorrow!! But hey! Yoo Hoo… I am living! Ive been to so many countries already… and not just on a number scale of quantity… I’ve spent quality time living in some of these countries its rarely a fleeting visit.

I aim to finish the rest of Europe by the end of 2018. Thats my goal. Retirement is still like a good couple of decades away so I would like to fit some travel in whilst I’m still young and able and working. This current job is great. I’ve signed on for another year and I get a few months off which leaves me with a fab amount of time to finish visiting Europe. Anyway.. enough about Europe and Retirement… I’ve got some work to do xxx

Also I haven’t been outside today cuz it’s been raining so here’s a pic I haven’t yet posted of Belgium. I love it here

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