Solo Adventures 🙌🏼🗺

Most of the time being on the road is great. I’m enjoying being 100% free. I’m not tied to any country. I don’t have bills, I eat at a restaurant every evening and I don’t have to clean. (I actually miss cleaning… i love cleaning to be honest). I can have an hour long shower if I want and not worry about any water bills or electricity bills.

Today was probably the first time though in my life where I contemplated being single for the rest of my life. I thought to myself for the first time ever. I can do this by myself. Why do I need someone to carry me through life?

I genuinely think it was a story sold to us by the generations before and by tv and media selling us the ideal of love. Especially the media because if you don’t have love … oh here’s a few hundred products you can buy. Then when you find love … here’s a few hundred products you can buy for your loved one.

Don’t mistake me, I genuinely think it would be nice to share life with someone and share the joy and happiness of life with another human being. But I’m in a way content if the universe decides it doesn’t want me to be able to share it’s beauty with anyone. I’ve learnt many secrets about this universe and it is so truly beautiful. I have bad days … but for the most part I think the life I was blessed with so far has been stunning.

I’ve had many friends younger than me loose their life already and there is no way in hell I am going to take a single god damn day for granted. We are so truly blessed. & May all those who died young rest in serenity and peace.

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