Brunette versus Blonde

So I’m back to being blonde. As a blonde, we have way more fun. It’s true. I’ve had brunette people always always always disagree with me! & then I ask them questions like… when did you last go paddle boarding with turtles? When did you last go in a hot air balloon? When did you last do such and such…

Then they’re like … yeah but I was talking about a different kind of fun… and I was like… go on… and they’re like… oh well I dunno but I prefer being brunette. I was blonde for like a week and I prefer being brunette. Some haven’t even tried to be blonde so how would they know????? & I’m like dude!!! That wasn’t my friggin statement. You’re just arguing with me to be a pessimist! You literally just admitted u were wrong whilst still believing u were right 😂🤣

I have a laugh at some people. The older I get I feel like some people my age and above must’ve stopped learning and growing at 20. They didn’t learn how to see from other peoples view and appreciate others view without judging. They think their view is the only way something should be viewed. It bewilders me. One thing I’ve learnt to do whilst travelling is see the world through different eyes. Only a miniscule amount of people were bought up the same way as you and there is a massive massive world out there and billions of people don’t understand your lifestyle and you don’t understand theirs.

Being a traveller and not living in one individual country every year I see the world through the eyes of an outsider. I never live anywhere I’m always a tourist. But I’m never a tourist because I’m always living there because right then that’s my home. I’m going to the local grocery store, speaking the local language (to the best of my ability) and blending in. Life aye! It continues to get better. Every hour I learn something brand new!

Check below: brunette verses blonde

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