What a day! Travel, work, create, and at some point sleep?

Today I saw so many things and felt so many things. I’ve enough content to write my ten songs for the day, but first I have to go to work.

When I finish work I will get a strong coffee, write and record the ten songs then pass out until tomorrow when I need to get up for work again. At some point I’ll sit and wait for them to upload to soundcloud. But it’s not in my list of priorities, my list of priorities is just churning them out. If I can’t upload them on time then I can’t upload them on time. The main thing for me is that I’m writing them.

Also completed another unit of learning German today. Getting somewhere in life. Goals are getting within reach.

Need a quick ten min nap before work xx

Please lord don’t let me sleep through my alarm. Amen 🙏🏻 😂

Also got so much blog content to upload tomorrow.


Love eb

Also here are some more photos from today

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