I had every intention of doing something productive… but…

So I had every intention of getting on the train & travelling an hour to the next city but everyone this week has told me it’s simply not worth the time or effort.

So instead I’ve done what any Aussie in a foreign country would do… and that is plant themselves in a pub on the beach in the warmth listening to some good music on the radio. Perfect way to spend the afternoon if you ask me. Considering we just had boat drill this morning. Which was once again a pain to wake up for. Important nonetheless as safety is important. But still a pain.

Anyway here’s my view. Not bad for Belgium.

I tried to walking to the beach but after half hour I still didn’t make it to the water… I got distracted and started walking sideways and also it’s ages away despite looking close. So yeah… never made it to the water… almost got there then decided to turn back and sit in the warm instead hahahaha

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