12% strength beer in Belgium

Sitting in Belgium, I’ve drunk about an inch of beer and it’s slowly hitting me. It’s not bad though. I start to notice things about myself that I’d never stopped to think about before.

Like is it normal for a 23 year old to travel across Europe just to sit in a pub and have a beer? Then I think… why the hell not? Most people do it when they’re retired – I’ve just started a bit early I guess.

I’m quite happy not being on Facebook – just living in the moment and for the moment. Beer really helps you process the moment though. For example, it makes you more appreciative of things 😂 have you ever found whilst drinking that you tell your friends you love them?

Anyway, today I’m having a new beer I’ve never tried before – a Rodenbach. It’s not bad. It’s not particularly tasty – but you do get that nice settled feeling whilst drinking it. I was speaking with a gentleman last night who had tried 14,000 beers and taken notes and ranked them all etcetera. He said his friend had tried like 60,000 or something ridiculous. I’m going to be honest and say I’ve tried like four different maybe five different beers before in my life and that’s about it. There is no way I will ever make it past 50 let alone 14,000 😂 good on him!

Anyway! Laters, better get back to this beer.

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