You don’t need a man “Snippets of Songs”

Time for another daily original song.

Today I went by myself for a beer in a surf cafe and it was bliss. So I’m posting this from there. Here is todays edition to “Snippets of Songs”


Lyrics to “you don’t need a man”

If only you could see what I see darling

Maybe you’d love you a little too

You don’t have to be too fancy sweetheart

You’re fab enough just being you

And I know you’ve got what it takes

To make a million hearts break all over this god damn world

And they just don’t know their fate

But when they do they’ll already be under your spell.

So take a sip and sit back baby

Take a trip and tick that box

Pick a real nice husband lady

Wait a while till you find the one

Cuz love ain’t going nowhere

And time is in your hands

So while you’re young have some fun

You don’t need a man.

If only he could calm his racing heart beat

Maybe love would have time to catch up

If only he’d embrace that he owns two left feet

Then dancing would dance on into his heart

And he knows he’s got what it takes

To make a million hearts wait till he finds the right girl

And they sit in anticipation

For him to finally find her

Chorus again.

Don’t weigh them up

None of them are the one

Don’t beat yourself up

You’re still young

Chorus again

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