Six ways to conquer frustration

Currently going for a run in the rain in Belgium… dodgy picture covered in drops of rain but you get the idea hahaha

Running in the rain is a great way for me to conquer frustration. Mainly because I forget about how bad things are because … come on…. I’m running in the friggin rain. Can’t get much worse haha. But surprisingly it was a great run. I ran only four km – but the entire way I was humming “ MR Brightside” by The Killers. Come on … how can you be frustrated if you’re singing mr brightside 😆!!

Anyway… back on track….

six ways to conquer frustration …

1. Meditate

2. Make goals and break them down into tiny steps and congratulate yourself each time you achieve a tiny step.

3. Breathe

4. Fake a smile. Fake it till you make it totally works

5. Have a nice long nap

6. Exercise

Anyway… they’re my thoughts for now. This blog is basically a compilation of my random thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if I’m manic with how many random thoughts I have… but then I see some of the weirdoes in the audience each night and I realise I am so normal that it’s almost boring 😂❤️

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