Eight changes to make to set you up for being more “put together”.

Over the years I’ve found that I got into the bad habit of thinking “oh she looks prettier than me, she looks like she makes more money or she looks more successful”. I’ve come to realise that these random women I got envious of probably weren’t all that prettier wiser successful etcetera than me… they were just better put together. They’d taken the time to think through how they come across. So here are eight changes I’ve made and they truly have made the world of difference and I stopped feeling envious of others a long time ago.

1. I make sure my outfit goes together. It takes me an extra couple of seconds but I make sure I think about it before I go out that door.

2. I make sure my nails are perfect. Nothing stinks more than being the only one with dodgy nails. Have nice nails people. It’s worth it. A woman who talks with her hands and nice hands is one that carries a conversation successfully. They’re going to be interested in what you say and not looking at your hands thinking how grubby they are.

3. Smell nice. It’s not that hard. Nothing worse than smelling gross.

4. Have fresh and neat hair. Growing up mum always used to tell me to brush my hair and I never listened. But just do it okay! The messy bun look is not fashionable! Not ever. Would the queen wear a messy bun? No.

5. Have clean shoes. Don’t wear heels that have scuff marks. Take care of your shoes. A lot of people out there judge a person by their shoes. So definitely think twice about their shoes you are going to wear and if they appropriate for the occasion and if they are in decent condition.

6. Be physically fit and healthy. If you are fit and healthy then you won’t be envious of others being good looking because you will know you also look and feel good too!

7. Smile. Even if you really don’t feel like it! & trust me as a musician sometimes on stage there are a million other places I would rather be. I would rather be at home seeing loved ones I haven’t seen in a year or asleep in bed but instead I have to exert 110% energy with a massive smile. Because if I don’t, the bar won’t make money and I won’t have a job. So Smile!!! Even if you hate the seedy old man in the front row – smile !

8. Be polite. It’s a human obligation to be polite to people. Just do it. You can say “f*** you” in your head and then out of your mouth come the words “ so lovely seeing you again”.

Tada! Now go and be amazing.

P.S look at where I’m sitting today

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