Three ways to do something productive when you’re already busy

1. Stop reading this and do whatever it is that you were supposed to be doing. Stop wasting time by searching for answers to make it easier or quicker. You’re only prolonging it and at this rate it will never get done. You know the only way to do it is step by step and you’re just looking for someone to tell you how it can be done easier cheaper and quicker so that you can copy them and save yourself some stress. Stop right there and just get in and do it silly.

I’m currently browsing through a music shop whilst doing this. Do things immediately- don’t put things off.

2. Multitask. But multitask strategically. Don’t half finish something and never come back to it because then you may as well not have started it all. Multitask strategically and you will find success. Multitasking currently by being in this music shop and blogging.

3. Currently I’m blogging and taking pictures whilst out travelling and sightseeing in Belgium whilst practicing my German with the locals. How much more can I fit in? Oh I almost forgot I’m walking 10km and I’m eating healthy because I packed an apple and I’m saving money because I’m walking and not buying lunch. So there! You can achieve multiple things at once. Tada! Picture of Knokke-Heist Belgium 🇧🇪 below.

Tada! Need I say more. Just do it. If I can blog and multitask and be productive – and I’m naturally blonde with my head all over the place – then there’s no reason as to why you can’t do it too!

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