Snippets of songs “A million Dinosaurs”

I’m usually a loud singer who sings with lots of force & energy on stage. This thread of my blog however is dedicated to just random bedroom jams which I record as they come to me. I just record them live – nothing fancy. I have to be quiet as I live on a cruise ship and can’t make a lot of noise. It’s an outlet of sorts for those random lyrics that come to me at like 2am xx

Here’s the first daily snippet for the thread I like to call “snippets of songs”

This song is called “a million Dinosaurs”.

You can listen to it via the link below.

Click here to listen to “A Million Dinosaurs”


There’s white paper in front of me

But your face is all I see

I see it clearly

My phones there

It’s turned on

I’m not stupid

I know you won’t call

I’m just feeling nothing that’s all


I know I know you probably don’t care

I know I know it’s a one way street affair

I should’ve said sorry a long while back

But about that …

I had I had my best days texting you

I’m glad for a minute you liked me too

My life’s finally upright

I wish I could share the light with you

But I’m


Cuz that’s what adults do

They don’t pick up the phone when they’re feeling alone

They make another excuse

So tonight

You’ll find

A million dinosaurs invading my room

Hence why I can’t get to the phone to call you


The white paper now reads half of a song

It’s 2am and my phones going off

I can hear your voice and I wish you’d sing along

My phones there

It’s turned on

Your numbers there

But I almost forgot

Those dinosaurs


Hold up I won’t be long

•repeat chorus x 2•

Click here to listen to “A Million Dinosaurs”

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