Quick guide on being a 23 year old woman.

Let’s start by saying that today I stood in a pile of poo and didn’t realise till I was sitting on the tram blaming the tram for smelling like shit. I still can’t wipe it fully off. Legit Gross. I blamed this tram 😂

ck guide on being a 23 year old woman.

It’s messy! Not you, because more than likely you’re trying to get your shit together and have everything looking neat – it’s just inside your head that’s messy. Just get out there anyway. Currently I’m writing this whilst walking around Belgium.

ryone annoys you at some point – just don’t show it because that’s when you will start to crumble. You’ve just learnt to stop caring about what others think and you’re starting to tell people (inside your head or out loud) daily to F*** off. In the words of old frank Sinatra ….That’s life.

But aside from that – you’ve learnt to love and cherish friends on a whole new level. Being 23 is a whole new atmosphere. Full of fun, happiness and a lot less stress than either 21 or 22 had. You’ve finally learnt about how to handle your money, your issues, your anger and so much more. Cheers to another great year! ❤️

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