How to start a blog with no time at all

How to start a blog with no time at all.

Well just like I’m doing now – I’m taking a two minute break to do a hair mask and face mask and voila I’m typing away so I can get it done. You can find time everywhere. I much prefer dictating it to my phone but lately it’s been to windy for my phone to pick up what I’m saying and also I just can’t be arsed fixing all the typos that come because of my messed up accent. So that’s one thing – find time whenever and wherever. If you’re in the line at the grocery store – start typing. Because trust me you ain’t gonna find time to sit down everyday and properly write a blog. Lucky you if you have that time. Now I’m on the tram looking through pics from today and I’m finishing this blog. Find time everywhere. Btw here’s some pics from today…

Secondly – whip up a quick schedule and stick to it! It doesn’t matter if your blog is only a few lines or if the picture isn’t the best one or you maybe had a small typo error. If I took a few hours to take the best photoshopped picture then edit my work endlessly and write a thesis – firstly I wouldn’t enjoy it and secondly I wouldn’t be able to fit it in to my busy schedule. So don’t be a perfectionist when it comes to blogging. Just be you. Mistakes and all.

Lastly, just do it! Just do it. Why on earth not. We only live once. I’m only 23 and I’ve already had at least 23 of my friends my age or younger die already. We don’t live forever. We might not get tomorrow so show he world what you’re made of and give life your best shot. Go on. I know you can do it!

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