How to get your mind to stay motivated.

It’s hard to get motivated and even harder to stay motivated. The only thing I do that really helps me is to write everything out, broken down into baby steps. That way I can see where I’m headed, the obstacles are not as daunting and I don’t get mad at myself when it doesn’t happen overnight.

Currently I’ve written out all my goals in a spreadsheet and have broken them down into small steps and spread them over the course of a number of days and it’s really helping me to achieve my goals.

Sometimes I get sidetracked though like watching documentaries on YouTube 🙈 or something trivial. But I just pick up where I left off. I’m trying really hard this year not to get too mad at myself if I do get distracted as I know I have a very short attention span. On a side note … yesterday I watched the Demi Lovato documentary on YouTube and it was fab! I highly recommend you watch it.

Anyway off to work now xx


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