Window shopping basics for people who have the money but really should be saving 🙊

Yes I’m talking to you! It’s the weekend & you’ve been really good all week. You haven’t bought any coffee or snacks and you really think that purse would look great with your clothes you bought last month. STOP RIGHT THERE!

Let me start by saying “great job” on not buying the coffee and the snacks you usually grab. Alas, is your life actually going to fall apart if you don’t buy that purse or handbag that’s on sale? Probably not right! Let me share with you how I’ve mastered the basics of window shopping.

Let me start by saying – my feelings never get hurt in this process and I never feel upset or bad – in fact I’m always quite thrilled with the process. Sometimes I even take photos of things I want and go home and ponder whether it’s worth it or not and I can always go back the next day if I can’t live without it. (I’ve never gone back … but in the moment it soothes the heart knowing I’ve given myself the option & it’s not a straight no)


First I take about twenty items to the dressing room & try them all on. Some of them fit.. some of them don’t – so this halves the pile. Then I see which ones actually look nice – not just fit – but look nice and look like the person I am trying to become. I don’t want to buy a dress that screams “I’m so casual I thought I’d buy a dress that’s even more casual”. I want one that says … I’m actually putting an effort in to looking nice but not having to cake my face in makeup because my clothes are presentable.

2. I make sure it’s under 5 or 10 pound – whatever my budget is.

3. I make sure it is going to last more than three washes.

4. I run through a checklist in my head making sure I already have shoes/ bra/ top/ bottom/ that’s going to match it. I would hate to have to go buy a whole new outfit just to match a cheap shirt I picked up. Logic people!!!

Anyway after narrowing it down I usually am left with one item! TADA!!

& that is how you window shop EBONY style xxx

Blog complete ☺️👍🏼😂

Examples of today’s window shopping below .

Image one & two : my fav Disney character ever Tinkerbell. I adore it. But do I need it? No, so I took a photo. Because technically I’ve no room in my suitcase for it… but there’s room in my phones memory for a photo 😘

Image #3 – 6.

I can’t get over how cheap primark is. 1 pound for shoes ( I forgot to take a photo ). 2 pound for leggings, 5 pound for running pants. Then I found a Massive coat I thought would be warm. All of which I took photos of. But now I’m back in bed I realise… eh… I don’t need any of it 😂

I’ve mastered window shopping !!!

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