Travelling & Working on board cruise ships / Ferries/ Resorts.

I’ve finally got to a place in my life where I’ve done a dozen jobs gotten enough experience and I’m able to make it on my own and find a new job at the drop of a hat should I need to.

Im confident enough to resign, yet content enough to be happy with where I am in life right now. I’m working on board Ferries and cruise ships as a resident musician. I tried the resort musician lifestyle and honestly I just prefer cruises because I’m in a different place every day. It’s so chill and it’s the perfect job for me.

There are so many stories I have and funny things happen every day. The most recent being a few days ago. I was playing piano and singing as per usual when my iPad in front of me started flashing. Someone in the audience was trying to airdrop me nude pictures of themselves ! I kept singing and alerted my manager who alerted security and it didn’t happen again 😂 but boy was it a laugh.

I’ve had people try to set fire to my piano, people drop their pants and ask my to sign their butt cheeks. The list is endless. It’s highly amusing to say the least.

Anyway today so far has just been rehearsals with the band and a chill day. Maybe tonight there will be another funny story to add to the collection ☺️x

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