Blogging about blogging

So I don’t actually know why I blog, sometimes it feels like a bit of a chore, and other days I really enjoy it. I enjoy reflecting back and seeing my memories, it’s kind of like having a diary. Forcing myself to stick to the pattern of remembering everyday day, making it a habit, is so worthwhile.

I’ve also been trying to continue learning languages. I’m onto my seventh language at the moment & it becomes easier with each language that I learn. Currently I’m learning German and it’s going great. Sometimes I find myself thinking in German which is a little strange. It’s very different to Turkish and also to Japanese because theyre both sentenced backwards. It’s so much easier speaking in German because it is so so similar to English. Literally, quite literally banana is banana orange is orange it’s different spelling sometimes, But for the most part they sound relatively quite similar.

Anyway blogging is going good I’m just dictating this because I’m so tired I don’t know what it is about working nightshift but you’re just so tired always.

Anyway I’m going to take a nap before I go back to work and I have a lot more to do regarding learning German planning out my itinerary for next year… but it is going to have to wait because I have to have a sleep 💤

Also here is an unrelated yet gorgeous mural I spotted on my run this week.

Much love


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