I bought a guitar at a farmers market abroad.

So I wasn’t planning on coming home with another guitar, but somehow it just happened. I was innocently going for my morning 15 km run, when…

I was taking the usual route, I was almost at my destination, and I saw that the road had been blocked off. Usually I wouldn’t detour but I saw a massive crowd of people and it was a pleasant vibe coming from down the end of that street.

Anyway long story short, I spotted a guitar in the busy streets of the market, the farmers market I should say. After finding out whose stall it was, I then asked for the price of the acoustic guitar sitting on the chair.

Children were messing about with it and some older men were looking at it but nobody was really really looking at it. So I asked how much it was, and he replied £40, when I hesitated he then dropped the price to 35 quid and he kept dropping the price. I told him to keep hold of it and ran to the nearest ATM and got some money out.

The nearest ATM however, was about five blocks away which took me a good 10 minutes. My heart was pounding and I didn’t know if the guitar would still be there. By the time I got back I thought, somebody would have made a better offer and taken it. Luckily I had my trainers on and I made it quickly back, and the Guitar was still there.

I Paid and had to chase him up for my change. Typical farmers market type of guy. 🙄 Anyway that’s how I am now on board a ship with the guitar and I had to carry it back 15 km because technically I didn’t want to pay for a cab when I can walk it however I didn’t realise how heavy the guitar would be so my arms also got a workout.

I’m just dictating this into my phone as I get ready for work I will elaborate more on the guitar tomorrow and a few touchups I have had to make to it. Ciao x

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