Its the weekend and I’m wasting time.

It’s the weekend, and I’m wasting time! Or am I wasting time? Technically, I am laying in bed, which is not all that productive. However, whilst laying in bed, I am practising or should I say polishing my German language skills.

I’ve always been naturally okay…-ish… At learning languages. I started out learning Japanese and then I learnt to speak Turkish which is quite similar to Japanese. Now I’ve gone on to learn German and Dutch French and Flemish whilst here in Belgium. I’m not very good at them yet but I’m improving.

Anyway I haven’t posted anything to Instagram yet today because I haven’t actually been outside of my cabin on the ship. I don’t see why I shouldn’t post a blog though so here is my blog about a whole lot of almost nothing.

And here is the most recent photo I have taken which was last night right before I started work. Ahh im hopeless. Happy weekend all x

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