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So today I went on another 10km adventure. This time around Belgium. Last time I was in Belgium it cost me 20 Euro in a taxi one way. So this time I decided I would still venture out but I would save myself some money and instead walk.

There is that tested equation of time money and quality. They all balance evenly. When you take one out of the equation you need to add

more to the others so the scale still balances.

For example if you take money out of the equation you need to add more time to get the same quality.

<time + >money = quality.

Alternatively you can do the equation…..

time +>money = >quality.

As you can tell I’m obsessed with math! If you took time out of the equation instead of taking money out then it would be as follows:

>time +<money = quality …. or ….

>time + money = >quality.


So anyway back to my main point. It cost me less money today but took more time. That’s the solution I chose anyway 💘🤙🏻 happy travels everyone wherever in the world you are today.

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