How to travel well with no money

This is the title travel blogs are made from 😂

Everybody wants to know how to travel well with no money.

This is my eleventh year travelling now and I must say I’ve never had a massive problem travelling well whilst using little money. In fact, everywhere I’ve travelled I’ve gotten paid to do so.

This may seem a little crazy to some, but to those of you already travelling you will know all to well how familiar the introduction goes.

“Hello, where are you from and what are you doing here?” The answer of course is… I’m working here.

Working abroad brings many benefits. I get paid to travel, my flights are paid for, so is my food, accomodation, medical, insurance … you name it! I get to do sightseeing activities for free and I make a heap of new friends.

I’m currently in Belgium, before that I was in the UK and then before that again I was in turkey for eight months. That’s 2017 covered. I’ve been to so many countries (as you can tell by my instagram Ebony’s instagram (link) ) & all of them I’ve worked in.

Anyway, the first thing to do is just get googling.

These pics below are a few I took a few weeks ago in Turkey. Head over to my instagram and comment where you’d like to see me travel to next. 💘☺️

Pictured above: Seaside Beach Club, Side Turkey

Pictured above: Oludeniz Beach neat Blue Lagoon, Fethiye Turkey

Pictured above: Old Town Side View from Paradise Restaurant, Side Turkey

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