Window Shopping.

Short & Sweet. My new found hobby. Save money, save space, but with all the benefits still. (Maybe I should try this with men) So I have discovered a new found passion of mine. Window shopping. But – with a slight twist.

I can’t buy too much stuff because basically I am a permanent traveller with homes in many countries – which is great! But it means I have to live out of a suitcase for … well… 365 days of the year. Sure I could leave stuff at one of the places I live – but when will I return ? In a year? Like I’m going to need those shoes in a year when the trend has passed. So instead I’ve taken to instagramming my finds instead. So it’s kind of like I’ve virtually shopped & the money has stayed in my account, the item will be mine on my Instagram forever and I don’t have to lug it around in my suitcase AND I can show it off to my friends. Neat huh?!

Check it out:

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