Last days in Turkey

So I know I’ve not planned to write a blog post until October, but I’m just going to do a trial one. So you get a sneaky little one ahead of time. In future my blog posts are actually going to be based around particular topics. Today however is like I said, purely a trial to test the waters.

Basically what I wanted to share with you were the photos I took today whilst walking down the street to buy some bread. I know it sounds silly but there are so many things I simply never noticed before. Until I stopped to notice because I had a camera in my hands.

Well to tell the truth, I always have a camera in my hands because I carry my iPhone with me most places. But today I had my Canon with me as well. Anyway cut to the chase… I’ve spent seven months here and only realised today the beauty of the street I live on. Also, the phone box is more of a funny one because I think it looks like a very dirty and shabby tardis haha.

My actual blogging will start in a few days once I leave turkey and go to Belgium. See you then!

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